Confortate Gli Abbattuti Live

by Roz Vitalis



"To my ears, this album feels far bolder and focused on melody than I'm used to from the band, with less time being dedicated to the long winded jamming or atmosphere than usual, definitely making it feel rather unique."

(c) Kempokid


"Good for mental and physical health under such a terrible pandemic situation. ROZ VITALIS have got started as a chamber rock project at first, but in this creation they play complete 'vital' rock on the stage. Their performance is filled with energetic eclecticism and diversity (heavy, jazzy, or artistic) seasoned with delicate symphonic flavour and edgy avantgarde spice. It's a pity there might be less audience in the venue than in the pre-pandemic era, but it sounds like the audience should get immersed in their vitality and vivacity. Russian fans could not wait for the day VITALIS appeared on the stage ? we can notice it without any suspicion really.
Very insightful this album takes the departure with one of their masterpieces "Premonition" that involves delightful opening matured with soft but tragic flute texture and grand earthy keyboard-oriented turf. A mystic opening act calls for serious heavy rock movements stabilizing our inner minds. The latter moment has pretty calm but sticky melodic streams and modulating vibes. Quite theatrical. As the title says, in "Escaping From Myself" we enjoy a sensational sound trip especially in the middle part, leaning towards "Portable Madness" by Sensation's Fix. The very last synthesizer-based echoic lesion is awesome really. "Walking" has an atmosphere like we walk on a lane after the rain. This reminds me that we would be in the fresh air under the clear sky. Yes it refreshes us so clearly. The former part of "Child Song" is a kind of clean, pure song like children's heart but they have various emotions deeply in mind ? from the middle until the end slightly unsettled, disquieting air flows. Wondering if they would have a similar emotional situation.

Anyway they are using repetitive (and impressive) phrases so effectively here and there. "Donor" is one of my favourite songs, where kinda sensitive, charming phrase comes up repeatedly to us. This mysterious sound-touch reminds me of the similarity to Japanese nursery songs (they have no intention like this though). Uptempo, lively rhythmic bases and slightly ethnic melody lines ring our bells. The shortest track "Confortate Gli Abbattuti" is fantastic and elegant. The moment the elegance strings the upcoming song "Passing Over" is my love really. "Psalm 6" another iconic stuff of VITALIS is a great mixture of heavy minutes and lyrical feelings in the similar vein to Szentendre. Launches us sorta wondrous spurt. We are sure this gig held in March 2021 should produce a great day".

(c) DamoXt7942


released May 27, 2021

“Confortate gli Abbattuti Live” is recording of the first Roz Vitalis gig after the first and second waves of the anti-pandemic restrictions in Russia. Approximately half of the album is absolutely the newest stuff previously unreleased. Three compositions were performed for the first time: “Escaping from Myself”, “Donor” and “Confortate gli Abbattuti” (“Encourage the Disheartened” in English). Some tracks such as “Premonition” and “Daybreaking” are known from some previous official Roz Vitalis live albums but absent in “studio incarnation”. The album is closed by new versions of two essential “hits” from the most famous release - “The Hidden Man of the Heart” studio album – “Passing Over” and “Psalm 6” - and also bonus track: cover of King Crimson titled “Peace”, recorded in 2020. Perhaps, “Confortate gli Abbattuti Live” is the most energetic, enchanting and elaborated Roz Vitalis live album! This “activity” can be considered as the part of the ongoing work on the forthcoming newest studio album.

Ruslan Kirillov - bass
Vladislav Korotkikh - flute
Ivan Rozmainsky - electric piano and synth
Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky - electric guitar and guitar synth
Evgeny Trefilov - drums, mixing and mastering

All tracks recorded in Saint Petersburg 2021-02-27 by Andrey Burtsev at the Sound Museum
except [10] recorded 2020-03-22 by Nikolay Maslov at the Slondoneba House of Music
artwork by Valery Suevalov



all rights reserved



Roz Vitalis Russia

The Russian band ROZ VITALIS (from Saint Petersburg) exists since 2001 as a studio project, since 2005 as an electroacoustic chamber ensemble and since 2008 as a full-blown rock-band.
The most famous studio albums are "The Hidden Man of the Heart" (2018) and "Lavoro d'Amore" (2015) - both released by Lizard Records, and also "Patience of Hope" (2012) released by Mals Records.
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