At Last. Live

by Roz Vitalis

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Carsten Pieper An, hitherto - to me - completely unknown Russian prog band, but quite prolific here on Bandcamp. I think I will come back to them again ;-}
"The essential feature of this recording is to emphasize melodic side of Roz Vitalis music" so they say. Well, I don't know about their whole oeuvre by now, but this surely is a very melodic, beautiful concert with a very "classic" feeling. Highly recommended to all instrumental symphonic prog fans !


"Overall this is some of the most beautiful instrumental progressive music I have heard".

(c) AtomicCrimsonRush

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"Band leader Ivan Rozmainsky is a terrific pianist, but above all he is an unparalleled composer who uses his gift to craft some of the most beautiful progressive rock there is right now."

(c) Pascal Thief

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"Never having listened to Roz Vitalis before, I found At Last. Live to be a very good introduction to their work.
The album has a warm, organic, chamber prog-rock feel, with melodies that could be ancient folk tunes on one hand, or on the other that of a modern classical composer like Arvo Part. If you need touchstones of the classic prog era for reference, then you would be looking at Camel's The Snow Goose, early Barclay James Harvest, Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett."

(c) Martin Burns

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"The band is dead on tight and the recording of the concert excellent. ... I must underline the great contribution of Alexey Gorshkov on trumpet, that can rival the big stars (Marsalis, Botti...) on this instrument.
At Last. Live is a very enjoyable recording of a band on the peak of its talent. Recommended indeed."

(c) Marc Roy

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"This new live album by Roz Vitalis has first of all a very good sound quality. Of course not exactly the same as in studio, listen to both the versions of "Lavoro D'Amore" and you'll notice some differences, but this is one of those bands able to play live almost the same way they do in studio. The other important element is that since when they added the first flute on their 2012 album "Patience of Hope", their music has taken a very original and personal direction.

The trumpet, present in almost all the tracks, brings in some sadness but in the same time on the most folky passages it can remind to Ennio Morricone's western movie soundtracks.

The trumpet that makes it sound similar to another very good band from the same city: the Yojo, but the kind of melodies and the structure of the tracks is quite different.

I don't know the whole discography of this band, so I'm not able to say whether there are unreleased tracks or not. I didn't know "The Hidden Man Of The Heart", which is my favorite track together with the pair "Passing Over"/"Passing Interlude".

In particular, the bass on "Passing Over" is remarkable. The track has a structure that could remind to CAMEL (trumpet apart), specifically, to The Snow Goose. It may be me, of course. In the Camel's masterpiece there's not an Avantgarde section as at about minute 4. After that, the acoustic guitar which starts the reprise of the main team could come from In The Court Of Crimson King, just to mention some references.

Anyway, the album is on Bandcamp as "name your price", so hoping that some bucks will be spared to help the band continue to release their excellent music, I'd better suggest to give it a listen without wasting your time with my quotes.

An excellent selection of tracks very well recorded in what seems to be a club: almost no noise out of the applauses and a mood that I usually find in the chamber music of Claude Debussy. Perfect for a rainy day.

...and an excellent addition, naturally."

(c) octopus-4

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"This latest release from the Russian progressive rock band knows as Roz Vitalis is a live album comprised of performances from Saint-Petersburg in late 2016. Featuring the complete line-up that includes keyboards, trumpet, flute and low whistle, guitars, bass, and drums, Roz Vitalis play a selection of songs here that encompass both old and new material, with a few tracks that have yet to appear on any studio albums. Led as always by founder & keyboard player Ivan Rozmainsky, the band guide the audience through some truly melodic moments that blend classic progressive rock with bits of jazz and folk. Vladislav Korotkikh's flute is ever present, and when paired up with Alexey Gorshkov's trumpet, it gives some of these songs an almost Camel-meets-Miles Davis feel, which is very unique and quite enjoyable. "The Hidden Man of the Heart" is simply gorgeous, while the atmospheric "Restore Unto Me the Joy" will instantly remind listeners of Ian Anderson's eclectic solo work. "Ascension Dream" is a quirky piece that shows the bands jazzy tendencies, while their adventurous prog side comes out on exciting tracks like "Passing Over", "Lavoro d'Amore", and the extended romp "Se Camminiamo Nella Luce (Excerpt) / Thou Shalt Tread Upon The Lion And Adder".

If you like your progressive rock with more than a healthy touch of jazz, this expertly recorded live album from Roz Vitalis will surely fit the bill, and for existing fans this is a great stopgap to hold you over till the bands next studio release."

(c) Pete Pardo

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"So, Roz Vitalis are back with another live album, which is taken from two different performances in St. Petersburg in December of 2016. What we are presented with here is the full live line-up of the band, which includes trumpet, flute and low whistle, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. Here is a band where the arrangements are crucial, and some of the instruments are only used sparingly, which mean that from one song to the next the band can be quite different in their sound and approach. But, band leader Ivan Rozmainsky knows exactly what is needed for each piece, and maintains a continuity throughout. Much of the material being performed has yet to appear on an album, while others are older yet have also never been released in that format.

Musically the band they have most in common with, at least to my ears, is Karda Estra, as they bring together classical music and progressive rock so that a style is created that will appeal to fans of both areas. The largest difference between the two is that Ivan is firstly a pianist, and many of the songs rely on his delicate touch, while another significant difference is the use of trumpet. This is played as if it is being directed by an orchestral conductor as opposed to someone from the jazz scene, and the result is long notes that hit hard and pure, no sliding or strange stylings. Alexey Gorshkov has great breath control, and there is little sense of vibrato or strain, just clear sounds that take the music in a different direction. This brass feel is quite at odds with the flute and low whistle of Vladislav Korotkikh which is much warmer and friendly.

I have long been a fan of this Russian band, and each release cements that even more. I look forward to the next studio album to see what they do with some of the songs included here, and highly recommend this to anyone into the more orchestral style of progressive rock. As this is on Bandcamp, it is also possible to give this a listen before purchase, so why not give them a try?"

(c) kev rowland


released April 17, 2017

“At Last. Live” album has been recorded in Saint Petersburg in the end of 2016. This album reflects energy of full concert line-up of Roz Vitalis including trumpet, flute and low whistle, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass and drums.

The most of the album is new stuff. Some of it will appear on future studio albums, other tracks are rarest and non-album stuff.

The album includes also rearranged versions of Roz Vitalis “classics”: “Mother of All Rain” from “Patience of Hope” album (2012), “Lavoro d’Amore” and “Ascension Dream” from “Lavoro d’Amore” album (2015).

The essential feature of this recording is to emphasize melodic side of Roz Vitalis music; if it is Avant Prog then it is “Avant Prog with human face”. Perhaps, it is closer to some rare forms of Eclectic Prog.

The essential goal of the album is to explore, to expand and to emphasize Beauty.


- Vladimir Efimov / electric guitar
- Alexey Gorshkov / trumpet and acoustic guitar
- Ruslan Kirillov / bass guitar
- Vladislav Korotkikh / flute and low whistle
- Ivan Rozmainsky / keyboards
- Vladimir "Energoslon" Semenov-Tyan-Shansky / acoustic and electric guitars
- Philip "Phill" Semenov / drums

cover design by Ruslan Kirillov
photo by Liza Chekalina

[1] – [7] Recorded at Lady ("Лады") club 2016-12-03 by Andrey Kolyadin
[8], [9] Recorded at Sound Museum (ex-ESG-21) 2016-10-22 by Boris Shershenkov
Mixed and Mastered by Ivan Rozmainsky at the Ad Lucem Studio


all rights reserved



Roz Vitalis Russia

The Russian band ROZ VITALIS (from Saint Petersburg) exists since 2001 as a studio project, since 2005 as an electroacoustic chamber ensemble and since 2008 as a full-blown rock-band.
The most famous studio albums are "The Hidden Man of the Heart" (2018) and "Lavoro d'Amore" (2015) - both released by Lizard Records, and also "Patience of Hope" (2012) released by Mals Records.
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